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Technical-Operational Study UCAS
Study of the ownership costs of a Unmanned Combat Aircraft System (UCAS) for the French Ministry of Defense (DGA) for the FCAS DP (Future Combat Air System Demonstrator Program) program with French and British MoDs.

Objectives & Achievements

  • List all cost factors for a future stealth combat drone
  • Analyze the cost factors and deduce for each a justified and argued calculation model
  • For each cost factor, imagine & list cost optimization factors
  • Workshops with operational staff of the Air Force and the Navy
  • Drafting of ETO technical reports
  • Validation of reports by the DGA

Work realized with LGM pilot of the study and in charge of the realization of the tool corresponding to the technical reports written.

Project date : February - June 2016

Client : DGA / CATOD avec LGM Group